Waxing – Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows to Lift Your Look Today!

The Waxing & Sculpting

If needed, our technicians may trim your eyebrows with scissors. Trimming your brow hair helps it stay in place and not wander out of the shape. It also is one of the steps that allows women to get ultra-defined brows. Don’t be scared and think were taking your entire brows away. The excess bulk that’s removed makes for a much cleaner look. Scissors are used free when combing hair up and trimming above the brow.

We will cleanse your eyebrow area, apply powder and then the warm wax and a cloth. Your first wax will probably hurt a bit, but will get better each time. The hair underneath, in the middle of brows and on top (if you wish) will be removed.


Wax cleanser will remove any residue, and a skin soother helps calm skin and ease redness. Any tiny hairs that were missed by the wax will be cleaned up with tweezers to fine-tune the brows.

The technician will then give you a mirror so you can see how your brows look. If they were shaped too thin, unfortunately there’s not much you can do but use an eyebrow pencil until they grow back in. But, if they are too still thick then ask the technician to make them thinner.

If you like the way they’re shaped, make a standing appointment. Your brows will always look great, and never over-grown.