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Dover DE Nail Salon Gel Manicure

The Healthier Gel Manicure

Over the past few years gel manicures have revolutionized the nail industry. Finally a polish that will last at least 2 weeks and is completely dry before you leave the salon! As one of our best selling services, the gel manicure not only looks amazing, it is also healthier for your nails!

Our nail salon carries several different brands of gel products, including CND Shellac, O.P.I. Axium, Gelish, Indentity and Essie. Each brand has its own unique strengths and our nail technicians will select the brand that is most suited to your nail type.

There are two type of gels; hard gel and soft gel. The hard gel allows the nail to extend past the natural nail bed to create a natural look. We begin by etching the nail to create a bonding surface for the gel to lay on and then we cure the polish with either an ultra violent or L.E.D light. Hard gel is great if you would like longer nails.

The soft gel simply begins by preparing the skin around the nail to remove excess cuticle then gently buffing the nail bed. Once prepared, we coat the nail with gel polish, which is applied like a traditional nail polish. The finish is cured under an ultra violent (UV) light. Both types of gels will last you for 2 weeks. Both the hard gel and the soft gel provide an equal amount of durability, excellent finish and shine, no chipping, cracking or peeling. Our nail technicians will advise you on the kind of gel best suited for your nail tape and life style.

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